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Squat diddly squat classes provide a welcoming beginner’s 6 week programme where getting it wrong is totally ok!  If you’ve never done a push up in your life or can’t run further than the front door these classes are for you.
Abbi and Michelle will give you the confidence to try new exercises in a safe, supportive, fun environment.  Without a judgment in sight!
Each session will combine short bursts of running, strength and conditioning activities that are suitable for beginners and those returning to exercise.
Whether you have just had a baby, generally juggling life or going through the menapuase we get it and are here to help and guide you.

To book click below and create an account or  download the Gymcatch app, search Abs runners then click on courses.  

First course starting 16th May for 6 weeks. You can either book for a Monday (10.30am - 11.30am) or Saturday (9:30am - 10.30am) or both!
If you want a chat please call us on 07846367819.  

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