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About me

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I’ve got my spark back through exercise and want to help you do the same. 



I’m a just turned 40 year old mum from Hemel and I’ve got two amazing - but exhausting children aged 5 and 7. 


Through my 20s I was fairly active, played a bit of Netball and did a bit in the gym but never consistently. Then came my 30s, most of which I’ve spent raising my young family. 


Two pregnancies followed by years of focusing on my little ones meant my body had completely changed, my confidence dipped and I’d lost part of my identity. Unless I was at work, I was always ‘Mummy’ - I’d lost Abbi. 


Sound familiar? 


I knew something had to change, so I started to carve out a little time for me each week when I would run or exercise. 


Quite quickly I saw the benefits, I had more energy, I slept better, I felt more confident in my skin, I felt in a better headspace and I was more patient with my kids!


Exercising has helped me feel strong, confident and I’ll admit it, pretty bad ass at times! So much so that I plucked up the courage to do my training course so that I can help other women experience the same. 


Being active has transformed my life and I want to help you experience the many benefits of moving more. 


Contact me for a friendly chat and to get started. 


Abbi. x


LiRF (Leadership in running fitness) qualified and mental health awareness trained.

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