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About the Absolute beginners  course 

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 - The course is aimed at complete beginners – you may not even be able to run for 10 metres – we want you!

- The course will be based at Jarman Park athletics track which is perfect for those that are a little nervous about starting.  The track will be very quiet and hidden from the public so no one will see us.  We are also running a session a Saturday morning in Boxmoor to support you to feel confident running on paths and open spaces.  There are some lovely routes as well as lots of circular loops so everyone can still run / walk at their own pace.  

- Each week we will mix it up and do a variety of drills and exercises that will not only work on building how long you can run for but also help you develop good running technique as well as build on your fundamental skills.  Please do not think we will be sending you to run laps and laps around the track!   It’s all about building the foundations and slowly progressing your endurance and your overall fitness.

 - Buggies are welcome as we know that childcare can be hard – we do advise though that we can not take any responsibility for them.  So if you are able to find childcare for an hour we definitely think you will get more from the session.


- The course will be run in partnership with John from Seven:Ten.  John comes with years of experience and I'm excited to be working with him.  

 - Tea, coffee, biscuits and a good chat will be available after the session!  

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