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Qualified Fitness Instructor

Mental Health Awareness Trained 

Qualified Life/Wellbeing Coach 

John has only very recently reconnected with his passion for exercise. Growing up through his teens and early 20’s he was extremely active playing football and basketball to a high level and taking part regulary in triathlons. John has also just turned 40 and has two young children who keep him on his toes at all times but also keep him extremely focused and motivated.The last 10 years of Johns life has seen him also lose his way and be consumed by the challenges of supporting a young family. Changing jobs and moving house twice which led to him sacrificing his own time and wellbeing to support his wife who struggled with two traumatic pregnancies. This led to John piling on the pounds and losing his energy and zest for life often finding everything a struggle which in turned started to effect his own personal wellbeing mentally, by feeling constantly low and having no drive to do anything.


Sound Familiar? 

John found himself again through exercise and committing to making a change. He reached out for help as he knew he could not do this alone and confided in a close mentor for support and got his life back on track by also surrounding himself with like minded people. He will be the first to tell you that a problem shared is a problem halved and there is always a way, as long as you have the courage to remain consistent and committed then YOU WILL reach your goals.


Over the last 3 years he has transformed his appearance and mentality and is in the best shape of his life. He remained consistent and committed to making the change and over this time has achieved personal goals that are beyond his wildest dreams. John – Known as The Gov, prides himself on his ability to see the positive in everything, he understands that no matter who you are, we all mistakes and we all make bad decisions but again will tell you with vigour, Its Never too late to start again! 

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